Police DashCam shows Sheriff’s deputies chasing Truck and Trailer. Sheriff now being sued. USA

A Tennessee sheriff ordered his deputies to shoot an unarmed man during a slow-speed car chase so they wouldn’t damage their patrol cars by ramming them off the road, according to a new lawsuit.

Sheriff Oddie Shoupe of White County is currently being sued for excessive force in the death of Michael Dial, who was shot by police while driving on a suspended license on Highway 70.

After Dial was shot, Sheriff Shoupe arrived at the scene, where he was captured on a deputy’s body camera saying, “I love this s–t…I thrive on it,” according to the lawsuit filed by Dial’s widow Robyn Spainhoward.

Dial, who was driving a pickup truck with a fully loaded trailer at maximum speeds of 50 miles per hour, led police on a chase when he refused to pull over on April 13, 2017.

A longer video, below, contains the Body-Cam footage.