Excerpt Below, full article here: https://medium.com/@torch2424/putting-a-raspberry-pi-in-a-car-is-a-great-idea-heres-how-it-s-done-2c09faa3fab by Aaron Turner on Medium.

Putting a Raspberry Pi in a Car is a Great Idea. Here’s How it’s Done.

Retropie running in my 2003 Audi A4

I love Raspberry Pis. My buddy introduced me to them about three years ago, around when the pi 2 came out, and I fell in love. Currently I have about 4 running some type of home network system running a bunch of self hosted apps. I have them tell me “Hello, Aaron!”, whenever I come home through IFTTT. I have a 2 TB hard drive connected to a pi to run a file server. This same pi also runs motioneye to record motion across my house for security, which is then, stored onto the file server. I have multiple retropie images, which I swap out on a pi, and I also have a pi running my piStreamRadio for Galaxy Noise Radio.

But this isn’t about my pi setup. This is about a car. A car with a raspberry pi in it. The same buddy that introduced me to Raspberry Pis, introduced me into the basics of working on cars. I do my own oil, I switch my own belts, and I tend to my own repairs for smaller things like brakes, fuel injectors, starters, radiators, etc… So combining the two seemed natural. However, trying to come up with ideas for Raspberry Pis in a car is actually quite difficult. Common ideas I found were ODB monitors, and timelapse dash cams mentioned on reddit that didn’t really interest me. Or, expensive carputers running raspberry pis, and usually replaced your entire center console. However, my girlfriend bought me a dash cam and a reverse cam for my birthday. I knew I was going to be wiring stuff in my car, and I knew now was the perfect time for a raspberry pi in my car. Now I have that pi running retropie, will a bluetooth controller in my driver side bin, and also a bluetooth receiver for my phone to play music.